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COO & Partner.
Krusader, Copenhagen.

Brinch Petersen

  • Structured
  • Coordinated
  • Detail-oriented
  • Energetic

Once Martin has said A, he also says B and that applies to all the challenges he faces! As a graduate of, he began his journey in Kruso as a project manager, and today he is part of the management team. As COO and head of project management in Kruso he manages to assemble the troops and creates a good environment for his employees. Additionally, he runs some of our largest clients as program director.

I work best when we are busy

I see myself as a do’er more than a thinker. I try to have an eye on every detail, while at the same time never losing sight of the long-term goals. I simply like getting stuff done. Kruso is filled with creative minds, thus I always try to involve everybody and get all their brilliant ideas into play when decisions have to be made. The key to success in an environment like this is to respect the personalities of others and not at least be aware of your own.