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Choose the best software for your e-commerce platform.

Navigating through different trading software providers can be a jungle. We give you a good idea of which software you can choose to be successful with your e-commerce business.

Choosing the right software is a crucial part of your e-commerce strategy. Our e-commerce partner series gives you deeper insight into what our various partners can offer your business. In this article, you can read more about BigCommerce and Commercetools, which offers competitive headless commerce, multi-storefront and much more.

6 must-have features for e-commerce sites.

To find out which software best suits your particular business, you must first consider which functions you want to offer your customers and the teams that administrate your website. If you ask us, every e-commerce website must include the following six features:

  1. User-friendly navigation – categories, search, and filtering.

  2. Offers and discounts.

  3. A mobile-friendly user interface.

  4. Effective marketing tools.

  5. A shopping basket that is clear and easy to use.

  6. Secure payment methods.

Two excellent suppliers of software for e-commerce businesses are Bigcommerce and Commercetools. Below we will elaborate on the benefits of these two.

BigCommerce – A world of possibilities.

Imagine the possibilities to expand your business beyond new national borders, across customer segments, or to launch new unique brands - all from one place. Our first suggestion, BigCommerce, offers services such as headless commerce, omnichannel, B2B, and multi-storefront. With headless commerce, you don't have to make a monolithic choice regarding which CMS (content management system) works best for you – it's your decision whether it is Contentful, Contentstack, Umbraco, or something else. Multi-Storefront (MSF) allows you to use a single BigCommerce "store" to run multiple "storefronts". Each storefront can have its unique domain, theme, categories, web pages, social media links, price lists, email templates, and more.

From the intuitive BigCommerce dashboard, you can:

  • Create and manage multiple storefronts.

  • Build unique categories.

  • Make products available in one or more storefronts.

  • View and manage customers and orders.

  • Keep track of storefront analyses and essential data insights.

Why choose BigCommerce?

BigCommerce makes it easy to connect to the most popular front-end frameworks, such as Next.js, so you can improve your customer experience and increase your conversion rates. Their flexible, open SaaS platform enables your business to build, grow and succeed. The software offers advanced tools, a reliable and secure platform, and an intuitive user interface to quickly conquer the market and increase sales. In addition, BigCommerce enables an engaging shopping experience for your customers across all devices with, among other features, 'abandoned shopping cart' and faceted search to convert more of your browsers into customers. With conversion-promoting tools like BigCommerce's mobile-optimized checkout, product reviews, coupons, and discounts, you can increase your sales and, with SEO-friendly features, achieve a better Google ranking. Additionally, account creation for faster payments, guest checkout, and dedicated SSL support enables your customers to stay on your domain throughout the purchase process. Finally, the platform lets you sell directly to social media users such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram - all sales are sent back to your website for seamless processing and inventory management.

Commercetools – True headless commerce.

We have chosen Commercetools as a partner because they, much like BigCommerce, offer modern and competitive headless commerce. With this solution, it is possible to build a digital commerce solution precisely as you imagine and simultaneously create a shopping experience that will keep your customers coming back.

Among the many advantages of Commercetools, we can mention:

  • No vendor lock-in, so you can design the ideal customer experience by choosing the best vendors for your business.

  • Limitless flexibility that lets you build your software ecosystem to create personalized experiences for your users.

  • A robust order management tool that makes it possible to send the right orders out with minimum lead time and balance inventory against storage costs to optimize for the best profit.

  • The integrated Product Information Management (PIM) system enables access to all product data. It has a versatile and intuitive interface that helps you manage even complex catalogues with just a few clicks. This way, you can manage all your products from one place.

Commercetools Merchant Center

Commercetools' Merchant Center is the command base for all of Commercetools' APIs and microservices. You can manage all products, catalogues, and business projects from here, and the tool's intuitive user interface streamlines your daily commerce workflows. All businesses are different and have unique needs, so Commercetools Merchant Center is exceptionally customizable in visualizing and handling different data (product data, customer data, etc.), project management, handling of offers across all channels, and much more.

Has Commercetools caught your interest? Click here and watch our videos with conversations between Brad Soo, Product Marketing Manager at Commercetools, and Niels Brinkø, CTO at Kruso.

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