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Triumph Motorcycles

Bringing a new global commerce platform for world leading motorcycle brand.

Triumph Motorcycles is a leading global iconic brand for motorcycles, known by almost everyone across the world. For more than 120 years Triumph Motorcycles has represented the pinnacle of Great British design and engineering with one of the world’s most exciting motorcycling stories.

The digital challenge for future growth

Digital as a driver for future growth and best-in-class customer experience plays a central role in Triumph’s future business strategy.  

To be able to deliver even more enhanced business capability in the future, Triumphs digital team found themselves at a crossroad in terms of the overall platform strategy. Would it be wise to invest further in upgrading and optimizing the current stack to preserve years of business logic built up over time, or could there be an alternative path in a re-platform? 

In late spring 2022 Triumph Motorcycles approached Kruso for advice on which way to go. This was the starting point for our cooperation.  

Refining digital platform strategy

In the initial project we deep dived into Triumph’s digital strategy, while at the same time mapping out an as-is picture of the current tech stack and digital infrastructure surrounding it. Equipped with these insights, we evaluated costs/benefits in upgrading and modernizing the existing platform and not least we formulated an alternative strategic road map entailing a full system revamp.  

We recommended that a re-platforming would be done in a phased approach enabling Triumph to maintain all the complex business logic from current legacy systems, while moving away from the monolithic system architecture. Over time we would gradually transfer current business logic to the new tech stack.

A true compsable commerce solution

Next up was to work out the new system architecture and formulate overall business requirements. This led Triumph to move towards a comprehensive SaaS solution based on a composable, best-of breed strategy, decoupling systems and functionalities. It includes the implementation of a headless frontend with static site generation utilizing edge-based hosting technologies, to secure significant lower hosting cost and super-fast site performance.  

The future system architecture vision is based on a separation between Marketing (frontends, omnichannel, apps, content consumers) and IT (business systems, data ownership, critical infrastructure), allowing the two parts of the system to evolve in different steps.  

Uniform DXC is key in this approach allowing editors to get of ground fast with composing engaging and meaningful customer experiences in the new frontend using data from existing business critical backend systems. While we at the same time build up the new architecture behind the scenes.  

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    Vendor selection

    The plan was set, next up was to compose the right technology stack to support the ambitious vision. Over the course of 4 weeks, we conducted a thorough vendor selection across all main systems in play including DAM, PIM, Commerce, DXC and web app management. The current CMS in use (Sitecore) is kept in the stack. After evaluating +20 systems we ended up with a modern and comprehensive tech stack consisting of:  

    • Commerce: commercetools

    • CMS: Sitecore 

    • PIM: Akeneo 

    • DXC: Uniform 

    • DAM: Cloudinary 

    • Web App. Management: Vercel

    Building next generation e-commerce platform

    Wit the new stack in place, next up was to define the first version of Triumphs new e-commerce platform together with Triumphs digital team. We planned to launch the first MVP to connect all the basics and create the foundation for Triumphs ambitious digital growth strategy.  The MVP went live (on time and budget October 2023)

    What's next? - With the MVP safely over the line, we continue to pursue Triumphs ambitious road map as a substantial evolution of the platform into a modern composable digital ecosystem, securing faster time to market, better customer experience, agility and lower cost for hosting and scaling the platform over time.

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