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After taking over the solution, Kruso has replaced and added several 3rd party products to provide a more flexible and scalable solution.

Rigtigmad is an online food market offering high-end products both in terms of quality and sustainability. . As a young start-up with Michelin chef and Stone Age crossfitter Thomas Rode as front man, Rigtigmad started as a 100% digital project from day one. The solution is based on Umbraco with Ucommerce as e-commerce engine


After just 1 year as an high-end online food market, the concept had proven its legitimacy experiencing significant growth. And with that it was time to partner up with an agency that could offer strategic and technical expertise in scaling digital commerce solutions.


Kruso was chosen and after taking over the solution, we have streamlined the code and optimized the system by replacing and adding several 3rd party functionalities, providing a more scalable solution supporting high conversions. Eg. the PSP has been replaced to better handle classic challenges in the subscription business. Further, we have optimized user experience and increased conversion by adding product recommendations and search engine. Additionally we have added a range of self-service functions and an inspirational universe.


After this first optimization phase, Rigtigmad have doubled in number of subscribers and expanded product range to well above 1000 line items in several food categories. Additionally delivery now covers all Denmark. Going forward, the solution will be strengthened even more concerning with focus on more advanced self-service functionalities. Additionally we ar planning for more advanced campaign initiatives and enrichend product information to improve buying experience and amplify Rigtigmads business even further.

After adjusting the online concept and a general update of the system, we have seen a 100% growth in new members over the past few months. This is an important milestone in our journey towards being the leading online food brand with Rigtigmad.

- Kristian Justesen, Entrepreneur & Co-Founder, Rigtigmad