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A user-friendly app for communal laundries in residential complexes.

Miele is a global manufacturer of advanced household appliances for kitchen, clothing, and floor care as well as products for business enterprises. The German company, founded in 1899, is known for its high-tech quality products in a timeless design.


Washing your clothes in a communal laundry is mostly unsupported digitally today. When people in some of the country's largest residential complexes use a Miele laundry, the user journey is spread between several different touchpoints (web portal, payment application, manual calendars, washers, machines, SMS, etc.). Miele wants to bring these touchpoints together in one platform to make the use of a Miele laundry easy, similar, and user-friendly.


In collaboration with Miele's ERP partner Logos, which is responsible for the backend work, Kruso has created concept and ideation, as well as UX and frontend development for the innovative app that will improve the user experience in several points. The app is simple, clear, convenient, and easy to use for a wide target group. Furthermore, the app includes only a few features, but which works effectively and creates user satisfaction. Finally, the goal is to minimize the administrative burden in relation to running a laundry in a residential complex.


The app is still under development and we will have to wait for the final result. Until now, the collaboration has run smoothly and we look forward to the launch.