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As digital parnter since 2022, we are taking Hjärnfonden into the future. Exploring new performance improvements, accessibility enhancements, and optimized UX design.

Hjärnfonden works towards a society where all brains reach their full potential, free from brain diseases. They engage in fundraising and financing brain research, as well as knowledge dissemination and advocacy in the field of neuroscience. 

Since 1994, Hjärnfonden has allocated almost 1 billion SEK to Swedish brain research and shows no signs of slowing down. 

Starting from scratch

The previous platform was built in WordPress in 2014 and was poorly maintained in recent times. Additionally, the technology has aged, resulting in decreased performance. Therefore, Hjärnfonden sought a new digital partner to help build a modern and future-proof website with user-friendliness and accessibility as key requirements. 

In april 2022, Kruso took over as Hjärnfonden’s new digital partner. This partnership encompasses everything from performance improvements to accessibility enhancements and user experience. Furthermore, we are constantly reviewing the architecture, securing payment solutions, and employing data-driven strategies that increase the conversion rates. 

Goal-focused digital platform

Hjarnfonden’s new digital platform should exist on behalf of two overall goals: 

  • To obtain donations from organisations and private people. 

  • To spread information and news about everything related to the brain.  

The web platform must serve as a digital hub for Hjärnfonden's activities, providing extensive information on diagnoses and brain research and at the same time be an attractive organisation that the public wants to donate to. 

The new technological architecture

To ensure that content editors wouldn't need to change their existing workflows, we began by transforming WordPress into a headless CMS while still utilizing WordPress in the backend. We then built new webpages using React, which allows us to work according to modern practices and future-proof the platform.  

Besides this, many other services have been implemented to the platform, including React, MariaDB, PHP, Next.js, Klarna, and Google Analytics. 

Bridging charity with modern technology has been essential in this project. The combination of making a modern website with modern technology for a organisation the serve a greater good is truly unique.

- Petrus Matiros, Full-Stack Developer, Kruso

Increasing performance  

We have audited the existing platform and prepared a new website where security vulnerabilities have been patched, significantly improving performance.  

A major focus lies in data-driven approaches to increase conversions. Here, we collaborate with multiple data analysis experts to ensure a robust process and optimal performance for the new website. 

After the implementation the performance has increased by 40% and lifted the Google Lighthouse score from 70 to 90. 

In regards to design, UX, and communication, the solution includes:

  1. Developing responsive principles and best practices for user experience across different platforms.

  2. Optimizing readability and contrast validation on all platforms (accessibility).

  3. Creating digital designs for enhanced visual communication.

  4. Conducting user tests on UX and UI designs.

  5. Developing a design manual for digital presence.

  6. Optimizing for users with visual impairments or blindness.

It feels good to make a different for a organisation that supports such a great course. I have had family members who have suffered from brain diseases, so it really feels good to work on a project like this one.

- Daniel Wallin, Frontend Developer, Kruso

Agile ways of working

By working in short sprints, we maximize productivity and deliver value quickly. The tight collaboration with the Product Owner at Hjärnfonden is crucial to our success. Their active involvement and regular feedback provide valuable guidance.  

The agile approach fosters collaboration and team dynamics. Sharing knowledge, involving everyone, and conducting brief daily meetings (stand-ups) ensure alignment towards common goals and engage team members. Clear sprint goals and regular check-ins with the Product Owner establish mutual understanding and trust, making us adaptable to changes and new requirements.  

In summary, by embracing an agile workflow and closely collaborating with the Product Owner, we achieve high efficiency, continually improving our deliveries to Hjärnfonden. 

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