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Cobham Satcom.

Scalable corporate platform: 150% more quality leads in just 4 weeks.

Cobham Satcom has been a frontrunner in satellite communications technology for over 70 years in the maritime segment and 40 years on land. With a persistent focus on innovation, the company delivers solutions enabling a wide range of private companies, government companies and private individuals to be connected when it counts.

Digital pivotal to ensure future sales and marketing strategy

As Cobham Satcom expands, they have experienced challenges in reaching all of their potential customers across segments and markets. With a new global corporate website as the focal point, it became crucial for Cobham Satcom's future sales and marketing strategy to use Systematic digital lead generation. Communication had to be changed from being more traditional corporate information to a platform that could ensure inbound lead generation through enriched content and a strong call to action. 

Kruso was chosen as a digital partner for that project and is responsible for the technical development and activation of the platform. 

Hyper-agile MVP process

Quick time-to-market was essential for Cobham Satcom. Therefore, in close collaboration, we agreed on a hyper-agile process where we were going live with an MVP that contained the most central parts of their new site within just 4 weeks, which we succeeded with. We have since continuously launched new features of the site and optimized the solution as we have gained more knowledge about Cobham Satcom's customers.

The backbone of Cobham's solution is a composable system architecture

To accommodate the almost unrealistic deadline and simultaneously deliver a future-proof, flexible and scalable solution, we based the core systems on a headless system architecture and a best-of-breed tech stack with Uniform (DXP) and for their headless CMS, we used Strapi.

We were able to get off to a fast start with Uniform as a foundation. We started by collecting and integrating data and components from the other systems into Uniform's interface. Then the Cobham digital team could work with the content almost from day one. In addition to Uniform and Strapi, the tech stack today consists of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for lead collection and Segments CDP for collecting and segmenting customer data, as well as working with personalization and a/b testing. In addition, the site is built on the latest Jamstack technology to ensure fast performance and security.

150% increase in qualified leads

The high-speed launch of Cobham Satcom's new global corporate website generates new leads immediately. It resulted in an immediate increase in qualified leads of over 150%. Simultaneously, time-to-market has been reduced for new functionalities, and the company's internal workflows have become more efficient and streamlined. 

Today, Cobham Satscom's marketing department owns the project where the digital strategy continues to be pursued through additional activation and customer engagement programs, all while continuously improving the site.  

The project has not only transformed Cobham Satcom's marketing focus into a direct and measurable revenue driver, but it also proved to all other organization stakeholders the digital opportunities to reduce the gap between strategy and execution through true agility. 

Uniform white paper

Can you avoid the wasteful practice of replatforming by embracing composability? With the Headless approach that Uniform is delivering, you do not have to change the underlying platform in order to add a new system to your stack. This white paper shares with you, how you can optimise your platform without the cost of replatforming.

Key takeaways:

  • The costs of replatforming

  • When you have other options

  • A composable architecture option

The end of replatforming

  • The End of Replatforming

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