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Commerce platform with end-user logistics from 300 stores

CustomQuake, part of the Kruso family, develops a cloud-based and API-based, fully integrated online store for, based on commercetools and fulfillmenttools.

Arko, Hussel, and Eilles, under the "Deutsche Confiserie Group" (DCG), together have over 300 stores and create online "glücksmomente" (moments of happiness) for their customers with their sweet and special products like coffee, tea, cakes, chocolate, and confectionery.

Simple Complexity

CustomQuake - part of the Kruso family represents an efficient integration project that spans several key areas:

  • Headless commerce with commercetools

  • In-store fulfillment via fulfillmenttools

  • Effective management of content and assets through Prismic & Celum

  • Integrations with established systems like Navision

  • Development of an advanced frontend using Vue.js

The core of the project was an innovative integration of physical stores for future handling of picking and packing directly at the location. This step marks Arko's transformation towards the digitalization of its core business processes, extending beyond traditional online trading.

Visionary accessibility opening new doors

The aim of the new online platform was to create extended accessibility beyond the physical store boundaries using a well-thought-out and cost-effective omnichannel approach. This initiative offers customers new possibilities such as Click & Collect and same-day delivery, while also appealing to new target audiences. The platform not only features standard store functions but also key functionalities like an interactive store finder, an expanded career section, and a broad range of content, from the company's history, recipes, etc.

With predefined product combinations and a gift configurator, a solution is provided that supports the desire for personally tailored choices. The user interface is designed with a focus on simplicity and user-friendliness, ensuring a positive and secure user experience (UX) for various target groups.

Elevating retail with technology

In the technical implementation, great emphasis was placed on design, user-friendliness, functionality across different devices, and high performance on the website. The fast loading, efficient search functions, and filters were achieved by consistently applying commercetools' concepts for headless commerce. A significant part of the challenge consisted of the technical and data integration of many system components in a completely service-oriented manner. An integration layer of middleware was developed to handle data exchange, upcoming events, and communication.

Apache NiFi, a powerful and scalable framework for data routing and transformation, was used for the implementation, and with Google Pub/Sub, all events, such as updates in the logistics chain, were monitored and handled efficiently, including automatic customer notifications and status updates in the commercetools Merchant Center. The processes and data flows were closely monitored and secured.

Arko, Hussel, and Eilles, with their joint presence on, achieve the most modern form of integrated e-commerce. A sustainable, robust, and easily expandable infrastructure makes it possible to focus on the development of additional customer functions such as a confectionery configurator, an advanced individual packaging service, and marketing of the store with partnerships and campaigns.