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Apptus eSales

We can help you deliver highly relevant online customer experiences using the scalable merchandizing solution, Apptus eSales. The solution increases your sales according to your business objectives (such as profit, turnover or conversion rate) in an automated way, using machine learning to optimize the exposure of products, filters and campaigns through search, navigation, product recommendations and banners. Using an automated merchandizing solution such as Apptus eSales greatly accelerates the continuous optimization of your site since the need for manual routine work is vastly reduced while rule-based optimization is made obsolete.

Apptus eSales uses behavioral- and content data to optimize the content on each page to every individual visitor. Since the presentation layer is kept outside of the service, it can be used to optimize merchandizing in any channel and device. The solution is used by many of the biggest and most traffic-intense sites in the Nordic retailmarket including global brands.

Kruso and Apptus can help you get the most out of your ecommerce investment, regardless if it’s about optimizing your current solution or to do a re-platforming. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you wish to discuss merchandizing strategy.