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Kruso Culture

At Kruso we firmly believe that a great team needs diversity. In skills as well as personalities, backgrounds and lived experience.

We strive to create an open and supportive culture at Kruso. Excellence in our craft is something we achieve together, collaborating and learning as a team.

Work is an important part of life, but it's not everything. At Kruso you are never expected to take work home or be more personal at work than you want.

Our focus is great technology, something we know can be achieved in many ways. You can be a narrow specialist, a Jill of all trades, a seasoned veteran or a curious beginner.

Technology is a means to solve problems. Curiosity, willingness to learn and a problem solving mindset is much more important than expertise in any specific tool.

We aim to respect, trust and support each other so that we can create great things together.

What Kruso expects of you

The most important thing to us is who you are as person, what you can become and what you can create. Your formal experience, education or fancy titles matters less than a curious mind and a willingness to grow. We are looking for interesting people that want to create great digital experiences.

Some traits we value highly are being humble, reflecting, supportive and communicative. We love strong opinions, as long as you are ready to listen and change your mind if you learn something new.

You need to be able to work independently and take initiative, but if you describe yourself as a lone wolf or rock star Kruso is probably a bad fit for you. We are looking for people who can take responsibility for themselves without losing sight of the team's best as a whole.

Kruso isn't a huge place, so you will most likely need to tend to some tasks outside of your craft. We have some awesome people doing management and HR, but they are not able to service every practical and administrative wish from every employee. You should be comfortable with booking a train ticket, fetch coffee, talking to clients adn such.

We expect you to raise your voice when you feel like something isn't right or you lack something. We aim to be create great workplace, but we aren't perfect. We want to listen, reflect and improve as a team.

Kruso Malmö

The Malmö office is part of the larger Kruso family. We have the support of the company while still acting as an independent team. At Kruso Malmö you'll have an excellent possibility to shape how you, and we, work.

If you have any questions about Kruso Malmö you are very welcome to contact our general manager Lotten Holmgren at

How to apply

Please apply for the job by filling out the below form:

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