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The fastest, smoothest path to high-performance modern digital experiences while supporting your existing investments and giving business teams visual tools to build for any channel.

What is Digital Experience Composition (DXC)?

Digital Experience Composition (DXC) is the technology that finally bridges the speed, adaptability and technical flexibility that developers want, with the no-code tooling that empowers business teams to create and publish to any channel. By releasing both sides of the digital experience equation, DXC lets organizations go live with projects months ahead of schedule, easily adapt as their needs change and create incredible experiences for their end users.

There are three components to DXC, all of which combine to unlock these possibilities.

First is the API Integration layer, which removes months of manual integration work to bring together each service and framework in a modern stack, and makes it incredibly scalable and adaptable for the long term.

That can be directly connected to the Front-end Orchestration, which joins the components and design systems together so that with the organization’s tools, business teams can find the perfect context for everything they want to say to end users.

That all leads to the Experience Builder, which lets business teams like marketers and merchandisers create using any tool, any content source and any visual component to publish to any channel, all without developer support.

If you’re looking to create a new, cutting-edge, stack; or you want to find ways to create better and faster employee or end user experiences with your current tools, DXC can have a huge impact.

You can learn more about DXC and its business benefits here.

1. The full potential of Headless CMS

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Cobham Satcom Corporate platform

Cobham Satcom increases lead generation with Uniform DXCP

New global corporate platform in 4 weeks created an increasement of 150% in quality leads right away.

We built a new site in just 4 weeks, thanks to Uniform. Some companies might still be integrating components - Cobham Satcom were gathering leads.

Triumph MotorcyclesGlobal commerce platform

Uniform Digital Experience Composition Platform (DXCP)

Uniform DXCP ends the opposition of developers and business users in digital experience stacks. By eliminating the manual integration work of headless and the restrictions of DXP, developers can quickly build high-performance experiences, innovate at will and build the features that matter to customers. For business users, Uniform’s no-code tools allow them to create with the visual context using any front-end component and every data source to create and publish experiences independently for any channel.

Uniform white paper

Can you avoid the wasteful practice of replatforming by embracing composability? With the Headless approach that Uniform is delivering, you do not have to change the underlying platform in order to add a new system to your stack. This white paper shares with you, how you can optimise your platform without the cost of replatforming.

Key takeaways:

  • The costs of replatforming

  • When you have other options

  • A composable architecture option

The end of replatforming

  • The End of Replatforming

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Uniform DXCP in a nutshell

Uniform Mesh: By eliminating the manual glue code that connects your front end and data services, Uniform lets you show results quickly, and adapt to strategic changes faster than ever. Say goodbye to integration frustration.

Uniform Canvas: No code, all control. Empower business teams to tell their stories independently and control their own omnichannel workflows using every connected service.

Uniform Context: Personalization meets performance. Scalable, in-line tools to learn and optimize conversion without sacrificing page speed or operational agility.