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Sustainable web development.

We have taken a closer look on how to create a sustainable website, both when it comes to backend, frontend, server setup and hosting.

Watch the conversations between Anders and Anders, who take you through all the aspects of a sustainable website below.

1. Hvad er digital bæredygtighed?

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Herning MunicipalityA digital CO2-reducing solution

Ambitious design with focussing on climate friendliness

The solution for Herning Municipality is built on Umbraco open-source CMS. In addition to ensuring unique user-friendliness for the editors, this is a flexible solution with lots of different integrations and can thus be explicitly adapted to Herning Municipality's needs.

The "Climate-friendly view" function reduces the CO2 footprint by 30% for each page view and up to 70% on pages with many images. With a focus on climate friendliness, we have hidden data-heavy elements such as images and videos, removed intense colors, and created a more climate-friendly code.

How to make your website climate friendlyKnowledge

Digitization makes life easier but...

IT emits just as much CO2 as the airline industry, so we have to focus on digitization being as sustainable as possible. The good news is that it actually pays well.

Here you get Kruso's suggestions on how sustainability can be incorporated into your website:

  • Communicate with text

  • Use climate-friendly illustrations

  • Avoid Iframes and javascript

  • Use HTML standard

  • Write less backend code

  • Set up caching on the pages

  • Use DNS caching

  • Look at server scripts