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Empower your teams to deliver top-notch customer experiences with speed. Take control of your product information, manage vast product catalogs with intricate details, and move your business further, faster, with streamlined Product Information Management (PIM).

Struct PIM - when fast isn't fast enough

The fast and flexible PIM system, Struct PIM, empowers you to create and deliver extraordinary data-driven commerce experiences. When launching a project, the last thing you need is a sluggish system and a slow-paced tech partner.  

At Kruso, we understand the urgency of a speedy time-to-market, and our solutions with Struct make it a reality. 

An essential function of the PIM system is distributing updated product information across various channels. Struct PIM excels in this aspect, offering seamless channel setup, streamlining every project. 

Flexibility, transparency, and scalability

Struct has the very essentials you need when talking PIM. Not only are Struct PIM fast, they're also transparent and flexible when it comes to pricing, licensing models, and meeting your evolving needs. 

Struct PIM helps you know, reach, and engage target customers within your industry. Togehter with Struct, we have the experience and capabilities to elevate your product management and transform your master data into results.

Hereby, we add value from the early stages of the project until post-launch. 

9 benefits of Struct:

  1. Comprehensive product management

    Easily find and manage products and variants with advanced search capabilities and bulk editing features.

  2. Customizable dashboards

    Track progress and productivity with customizable, personal or shared dashboards tailored to workflow needs.

  3. Seamless integrations

    Connect Struct PIM with essential business systems like ERPs and e-commerce platforms via standard connectors or REST API.

  4. Robust security and permissions

    Safeguard product data with automatic backups and granular user access control to editing capabilities.

  5. International market readiness

    Prepare products for global markets with support for multiple currencies, languages, and region-specific sales strategies.

  6. Cross-functional team collaboration

    Involve all relevant teams in PIM with tools that cater to marketers, SEO specialists, and creatives.

  7. Flexible data modeling

    Build custom product data models with relevant attributes for each product type, enabling tailored enrichment workflows.

  8. Data quality control

    Implement data quality control measures to manage product data requirements and track progress with powerful metrics.

  9. Unlimited scalability

    Benefit from unlimited users, product catalogs, SKUs, product models, languages, markets, and media assets, ensuring scalability for business growth.

We've got your back

Partnering with Kruso and Struct means close collaboration and personalized support. This means that we are the partners who aren't afraid to challenge you to be better, strategic collaboration, and quality assurance at every step. 

Struct is a genuinely flexible and agile PIM system that offers all the functions and benefits of a modern PIM solution. It can easily adapt to any business requirements, ensuring that you have a PIM solution tailored precisely to your needs. Struct evolves with your business, ensuring that you always capture the full value of your product data and content. 

Why choose Struct?

At Kruso we have more than 20 years of experience with digital solutions. We believe that Struct is the ultimate choice for streamlining data management. Struct offers a truly user-friendly interface that ensures efficient tracking of all product data. With Struct, we can establish workflows and processes that guarantee data accuracy before your products hit the webshop. 

Want to learn more?

If you're uncertain whether Struct is the right choice for you, feel free to get in touch for further information. 

Kenneth Ryle Thorsson

+45 40 25 66 30