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Our digital services embrace all of the processes around strategy, design, development, operations, and data & analytics. All five services are essential aspects of the journey towards digital success. 


We eagerly accept the greatest and most difficult digital challenges. But we also acknowledge that big challenges come with equally big risks as our customers’ time and money are at stake in each project. As your strategic digital partner, we are therefore first and foremost your specialized investment adviser. We base our strategy services on tools that allow us to make the best digital decisions businesswise – together with you - whether focus is on system architecture, technical roadmap, or GDPR compliance.

Bang & OlufsenBrand and commerce platform

Technical Consulting

We help you navigate through all technical difficulties a digital transformation brings – regardless of us being responsible for the actual development or “just” the consulting part. We always think beyond the specific project with a long-term focus on aspects like ROI, TCO, scalability, modular architecture, code reuse, and the building of a governance structure that provides you with the right level of control over your platform. As your technical consultant we continuously help you prioritize your investment most effectively and ensure your digital reach keeps expanding and is scalable.  


  • System architecture  

  • Technical roadmap  

  • Supplier selection

  • Governance

  • GDPR compliance

  • Test procedures

  • Continuous deployment

  • Automation

incoDigital transformation

Digital Strategy and Execution

Strategy. A simple thing when you have it. Complex when you have to define it. And when you add “digital”, it becomes further alienated to many companies as this indicates the need for extensive knowledge about technology to even be allowed to think about it.

Many different consulting firms e.g. management consulting have noticed this opportunity in recent years and have expanded their business to offer digital strategy development as well.

With Kruso you get a strategic advisor truly nested within digital and technical execution. This has rubbed off on our process for strategy development which always includes a plan for accomplishing your biggest goals.


  • Mapping business perspectives to digital focus areas

  • System Selection

  • Business Case

  • MVP Road Map

  • Score-session: Digital Strategy execution


A good design is the foundation for a good product. That is why we always strive for creating a unique design with the highest level of user-friendliness. We create ideas based on strategic investigation and with respect for design identities, problem-solving, and the definition of your “success story”.

MieleApp solution

Strategic-Tactic Oriented User Experience

The UX-discipline must of course be in contact with all interest- and user groups relevant to a given digital product. That is why we practice User Experience through several different competencies and roles – with a broad-spectred orientation.

At a strategic level, UX is about mapping and describing "success stories”. Every time a user goes online, it is with a specific purpose. A success story describes how this purpose is achieved most efficiently. In the further agile development process, these success stories are the starting point for “Epics”. An Epic can be broken down into smaller, individually executable pieces. We will help you identify and prioritize the part-stories that will bring the most value. In this way, you will be able to execute your digital strategy at a pace matching your company’s budget and resources.


  • Mapping of User and Stakeholder groups

  • Definition of Success Stories/Epics

  • Customer Engagement Framework

  • Prototyping

RigtigmadFlexible and scalable solution

Tactic-Operational Oriented User Experience

In this part of the UX field, we focus on problem definition and problem solving/executing. We test and clarify concepts through visual specification methods making it possible to run agile development projects that keeps an intensified focus on the end user without losing momentum.


  • Data and User Flows

  • Interaction concepts

  • Wireframe prototyping

  • UX Writing


At Kruso, we are first and foremost doers – through the last 20 years we have enthusiastically played our part in the development of a more digital world. We love being part of hundreds of important technical solutions providing better service experiences for our client’s customers, fellow citizens and employees. Our technical solutions extend from global commerce platforms, big CMS based sites to custom-build business systems and web apps. Our agile development methods ensure system implementation and integration within microservices, headless architecture, .NET, and governance among others.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of DenmarkSitecore-based subsite solution

System Implementation

Have you ever felt that your digital development partner did not understand you?

At Kruso we understand that technical development is just as much about communication and strategic insight as actual technical skills. Therefore, all our customers have a dedicated client lead who besides being a system architect also is your strategic advisor and best friend regarding everything technical.

We believe in agile development, dedicated teams, and MVP processes to ensure fast value creation at the lowest possible cost. To ensure a short time to market with the strongest platform possible.


  • Site migration or upgrade

  • Open API's

  • Agile development

  • True Headless

  • MVP

  • .NET

  • Governance

  • Standardized test and quality assurance

Rosendahl Design GroupGlobal commerce

Best-of-breed tech Strategy

Your software should adapt to your business, not the other way around.

As an overall technical strategy, we believe in a Best-of-breed approach, where the solution is composed of a number of smaller special systems and services in an open, loosely coupled and API-based architecture.

Systems of choice - Unlike a full digital marketing suite mindset a best-of-breed approach provides a significantly more flexible and scalable solution, where you only chose the systems you need.

Both deploying changes, as well as day to day maintenance is easier, because dependencies between the various tools and services are much lower. Additionally, we only implement, maintain and pay for the components we need at a given time.



How many integrations projects have you been through?

At Kruso we dare say, we have almost seen it all by now. Anything from old-school bookkeeping systems to modern microservice architecture. From Enterprise Service Bus to lightweight RESTful API's, PIM, Booking Engines, CRM, DAM, or commerce systems - we take pride in developing pragmatic solutions across systems, bringing data to life.

We know that the secret sauce in integrating different business-critical systems is, to make ends meet across interests, departments and partners.


  • Open API

  • Microservices architecture

  • Headless system architecture

  • Enterprise Service Bus



Progressive Web App (PWA) is a browser-based approach to mobile platforms, creating a fast, reliable, and engaging user experience. By combining the options from traditional browser-based technology with all the advantages in a mobile experience you make conversion optimization easier, allow better reengagement, and reduce the rejection rate – while you use less data than you would using a native app. Therefore, we are convinced that PWA is the future within digital services. PWA is characterized by extremely fast loading time, ability of using apps offline, push-notifications, and use of icon.


  • HTML5

  • CSS

  • React

  • JavaScript

DPA-SystemG2B selfservice platform

Bespoke Software

We love exploring new possibilities and find unbeaten tracks, which is why we are not afraid of moving outside the standard web systems we often work with – and all the way “to the other side of the API”. In those cases, we work with custom-builds of both large data-heavy and business-critical platforms as well as smaller plug-ins and modules that expand and bend the exciting systems to support your business in the best possible way.

Just like our standard systems, we base these solutions on .net and JavaScript and believe in open and modular system architecture build as microservices.


  • Microservices

  • .net

  • JavaScript

  • Agile


Digital success is a journey, not a destination. It is not enough that everything shines and runs perfectly the day you launch – your users expect you to be on your toes and keep improving. That is why we consider our operation and support department the most important digital traveling companion – and as an integrated part of the hard-working team we all applaud the day we launch the first version. As your continuous digital partner within hosting, operations and support we ensure your digital success, where we focus on continuous optimization, scalation, and cloud hosting.

Lakrids by BülowE-commerce platform


Kruso provides several different hosting solutions, on premise or through Azure Cloud, depending on your business needs. From simple systems to customized enterprise solutions. We can pride us self being an Azure Gold Application Development Partner.

We always deliver fully professional operation services incl. monitoring and optimization of system, security, scaling, and backup. We agree what service level you need and guarantee to meet this in a Service Level Agreement (SLA).


  • SLA

  • Cloud Hosting

  • On Premise hosting

  • Line Support

  • Monitoring and Optimization

  • Scaling  

  • Data security

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of DenmarkSitecore-based subsite solution

Operation and Support

To always deliver an excellent service experience is not only about launching new content or new functions. Perfect site performance, high browser capability, data security, and accessibility is just as important to be on top. That is why Kruso offers operation- and support services that continuously keep an eye on and improve your platform.  

In this context, we also act as your personal advisor and “helper” who can provide qualified and punctual answers when the systems do not do as you want.  


  • User Support  

  • Application suppor

  • Quality Assurance  

  • Proactive monitoring

  • Bug fixing and change request

  • Continuos optimization

  • GDPR compliance

Data & Analytics

At Kruso, we believe that to be competitive in any industry, you need to make your data an integral part of your overall business strategy. Using data the right way lets you uncover unserved user needs, unlock untapped efficiencies and understand unseen user behavior. With a scalable data architecture at the center of your business systems, you will be able to utilize previously siloed data and gain insights that will bring you to the next level.

Rosendahl Design GroupGlobal commerce

Start your data journey right by choosing a Customer Data Portal

Choosing the right technology is never easy, especially when the decision is in an area as new and complex as customer data. Here at Kruso, we believe that a properly implemented CDP is a key enabler for delivering almost any data strategy. A CDP allows you to track and collect user behavior data in one central place, no matter where it's originating from - server-side, client-side, cloud apps, or social channels. Once all your marketing data, eCommerce data, and in-app data are collected, you will be ready to uncover trends and cohorts that were previously hidden. Acting on these trends and cohorts allows you to deliver the optimal customer journeys, messaging, personalization, and in-app experience your customers expect. Take the first step by finding out more about customer data to the right.

Lakrids by BülowE-commerce platform

Data Architecture & Infrastructure

Build a scalable data infrastructure that lets you worry less about data integrity and more about getting value out of your data. No matter where you are on your data journey, we can help you take the next step, be it setting up tracking, cleaning up messy data, integrating between business systems, or making data available to the broader organization. No matter what type of digital solution you are building, understanding your users will always be vital to building a product or service that continues to bring them back.

Whether you are building a CMS system, an eCommerce solution, or a marketing site, our solutions let you set up a data foundation that puts the customer in the center while allowing for product-centric views. Collect context-rich and meaningful data on your customers and their interactions no matter where they are in the customer journey. Streamline your data pipelines and ensure the correct data reaches the right destinations at the right time.

While understanding the customer perspective can give value, it often doesn't tell your organization the whole story. Seeing things from a product perspective can be equally as important. Through our expertise in ecommerce solutions, we understand the value of product information when marketing and selling products. By combining customer and product data in your data strategy, you can achieve a complete overview of what products move your business forward.


  • Customer Data Portal

  • Data Tracking Plans

  • Product Information Management

  • Headless

Data Visualisation & Reporting

Whether you want to get up and running fast with out-of-the-box reporting tools or build a single source of truth dashboards for your entire organization, our solutions turn your raw data into valuable insights.

We can help you create intuitive reports that put you in the driver's seat of your marketing organization using best-in-class data visualization tools combined with managed ETL services and data pipelines.


  • PowerBI

  • Tableau

  • Data pipelines

  • Postgres

Marketing Automation & Personalisation

Are you looking to get more out of your marketing automation? With the right combination of tools, you can orchestrate automated multi-channel campaigns with ease. With our help, you can set up specific cohorts and tailored flows based on quantitative and qualitative first-party (and third-party) data that reach your customers wherever they interact with you.


  • User journey mapping

  • User flows

  • Rule-based personalisation

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