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Leading PIM Platform

Denmark has for many years been at the forefront of the development of PIM (Product Information Management) software. This position is attributed to Perfion, which is a front runner among Danish PIM platforms and has since used the leading position to remain among the leading system suppliers. The primary purpose of PIM systems is to gather all product information in one place, but PIM also gets contact with large parts of the organization.

What can Perfion do for you?

PIM solves a number of complex and completely central tasks that are typically handled in ERP and/or excel and emails. Since the expertise of ERP and especially the widely used, for example, Nav (Dynamics 365 Business Central) and AX (Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations) is large in Denmark, Perfion PIM is not surprisingly a product that has been created by ERP experts. That is, people who understand the CFO's headaches and the developers' problems by making curves and bends on how an ERP should be developed and used. 

ERP has for many become the “swiss knife” that not only handles invoices, prices, and accounts but also a large number of business support functions. With Perfion you get a platform that can be adapted to handle the business in a much more flexible and elegant way. Therefore, PIM is not only a system for enriching your product texts and data sheets, but also a data hub for the interaction between several business functions. Perfion is extremely valuable because, as a development house, we have free limits for optimization and personalization without compromising on simplicity or having to bend functions in either PIM or adjacent systems. For customers who have a greater complexity between products, need for internal workflow for product enrichment or simply have a high degree of complexity due to many item numbers, Perfion is clearly something that should be verified. 

Interactions, partnership and digital solutions.

In addition to Perfions strong interactions and understanding of ERP, there are ongoing functions that for many companies mean that Perfion can also do other tasks, such as an easier DAM (Digital Assets Management), data modeling, as well as campaigns and catalog production. Kruso has worked with Perfion for many years and has developed a standard connector for Ucommerce (an E-commerce platform that can be used on several .NET CMSs).