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With Optimizely (former Episerver) CMS and Marketing you get a user-friendly platform that can increase the effects of your online activities across e-commerce, marketing, and content:

  • Manage your content marketing projects and campaigns with the most user-friendly tools on the market.

  • Create personalized multi-channel campaigns directly from Optimizely's backend.

  • Take advantage of Optimizely's capabilities for advanced personalization of content and product recommendations to increase conversion.

Optimizely is the most sold license-based system in the North. Approximately 30.000 websites are built in Optimizely, and 34.000 developers work on the platform worldwide.

Kruso is an Optimizely Solution Partner, and we have solved complex technical tasks with Optimizely for numerous customers.

Optimizely, for e-commerce too

You can use Optimizely for both websites, intranet, and e-commerce.

Do you sell your products online? You can buy Optimizely Commerce. It is a fully integrated e-commerce solution that enables you to build world-class webshops. Read more about Optimizely Commerce here.

Optimizely for all purposes

Use Optimizely CMS and Marketing, whether you want to promote and brand your business, communicate knowledge or provide great service.

With Optimizely you can:

  • Attract the right leads with personalized content.

  • Motivate and maintain users with inbound content marketing and e-mail campaigns.

  • Reach many countries and markets by managing various languages and versions of your site.

  • Provide great customer service, based on persona work.

Intelligent Optimizely functionalities

Optimizely is built with a number of functions to help make you more productive, and increase the effects of your online activity.

Do A/B tests of content

  • Show the most effective version of your message to the user.

  • Get guided through the process.

  • Test entire pages, or elements on one page.

Build automatic landing pages

  • Show customized content, when the user searches online.

  • Mark your pages with theme “tags” that match search terms.

  • Make it easy with built-in functionality


  • Get a higher click rate with individually adapted content.

  • Adapt pages, photos, videos, or sentences for the individual user.

  • Combine data on behavior with your marketing automation system.

Effective editing tools

  • Minimize the need for teaching editors.

  • Reuse content across all pages.

  • View the final layout right away.

Optimizely solution at Kruso

You are in safe hands if you choose an Optimizely solution at Kruso. We cover your needs and your business-oriented goals and customize Optimizely for you. We also take care of the integration between Optimizely and your other systems.

Central Denmark RegionOptimizely system

Read how we have implemented a common Optimizely platform for all Region Midtjylland's websites and intranets.

Region Midtjylland has gone from an outdated website that could not keep up with the digitalisation to a solution that contains a myriad of websites and intranets, all of which are built with a responsive design, with more than 500 editors using the Optimizely CMS.