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Optimizely Commerce.

Optimizely Commerce for e-commerce globally and locally

No matter what goals you have for your webshop, you can use Optimizely Commerce as a platform to realize them. Upscale your e-commerce from local to global, add new webshops, functions and languages in the same system solution.

Optimizely Commerce has many advanced functions without compromising with user-friendliness.

Optimizely Commerce is fully integrated with Optimizely CMS. It provides great advantages in relation to sharing content and functionalities across the entire solution. In addition to this, you can easily integrate with a number of other systems, including marketing automation.

Optimizely is built in .NET and is updated every week.

Optimizely is the largest supplier of CMS solutions in the North and has grown extensively in Denmark for the last couple of years. There is a big developer forum centred around the system and many possibilities for add-ons.

Ideal for all types of e-commerce

Optimizely Commerce is an excellent platform for all types of e-commerce and digital marketing:

  • Combination of physical stores and webshops.

  • E-commerce directly to the customer – B2C

  • E-commerce between businesses – B2B

  • Professional member management and sale in nonprofit organizations.

A truly integrated system

The Optimizely Commerce platform is a fully integrated solution, comprising both content management (CMS), functions for digital marketing and digital commerce for webshops.

Opposite to many other systems for webshops and e-commerce, Optimizely Commerce is a truly integrated solution. If you already have Optimizely CMS + Marketing, you just buy the Commerce part, and then you are ready to create your webshop.

Design all the way with Optimizely Commerce

With Optimizely Commerce you can design the entire user journey from the first interaction to the actual purchase and the establishment of long term loyalty.

  • Present optimal content with automated A/B test. With Optimizely you can automatically test different versions of your message, and let Optimizely prioritize the version that provides the desired user behaviour and highest conversion.

  • Find and grow leads through marketing automation. With Optimizely you can collect key information about customer leads and automatically send them to your marketing automation, or CRM system. You can nurture the potential customers with consistent and personalized content across those platforms where they meet your offers. Share information across systems and optimize your content.

  • Complete campaigns across channels and markets. Create cohesion in your messages across social media, in-store and online media. With Optimizely Campaign Management you can handle both simple and complex campaigns. Target specific target groups, or markets and manage your discounts.

  • Use searches in the most optimal way with automatic landing pages. You can mark a page with specific and longer search terms, the so-called “long-tail”- search terms. Then you attach the page to one or more of the themes you have chosen to define your content. When the user searches on one of these very specific terms, Optimizely can automatically create landing pages with the right content. By doing so, you can gain better search results and greater conversions on specific search terms.

  • Get higher click rates and loyalty with personalization. In Optimizely you can personalize every content element – pages, photos, videos or even sentences. When you combine your data about the users' behaviour on the site with your integrated marketing automation system you can provide highly personalized campaign content. In doing so, more users stay longer on the site and will click on relevant content.

E-commerce solution with Optimizely at Kruso

Kruso will guide you through all phases of creating your webshop in Optimizely Commerce. We know all the advanced possibilities and integrate Optimizely Commerce with your systems, of course with your business objectives in mind.