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Headless in action

Watch our event where Lakrids by Bülow, Hilding Anders and Ikea share their experiences with true Headless.

What does Headless really mean?

The future of digital solutions is headless. That's why we on December 9, hosted "Headless in Action - From Ideation to Implementation." We know, and you know that Headless is the way to go, but what does the concept mean? What are key learnings from other industry leaders working with composable commerce and a microservices approach? How does composable architecture translate to tangible business value?

By now, we all understand what "headless" means in concept. The idea of separating frontend and backend applications and working API-first sounds great in principle. But how do a composable approach to commerce and your digital experience platform provide value to your customers and business? What does a modern MarTech stack look like when built using a composable architecture?

What is the Headless Event about?

Headless in action is a free half-day event that will take place in our Copenhagen venue. Join us for a delicious breakfast while we break down the concept of headless and composable commerce through real live customer cases. We will share learnings about headless content management systems, headless commerce platforms, composable DXPs, and modern development workflows. You will get insights from both the market's leading technology vendors of headless solutions and insights from leading brands themselves who utilize a headless strategy in their MarTech solutions.

The event brought together top successful digital companies, e-commerce brands, and experienced technology vendors in the headless space to discuss best practices and enlighten you on the future of composable commerce and building a modern digital experience platform.

Why you should go headless

There are several benefits when choosing a headless approach for your CMS and commerce platform. Going from a monolith to a composable architecture e-commerce platform could be a game-changer for your business. Why? You get the answer to this and a peek into how it can be implemented in these videos.

Key takeaways from the videos:

  • Why the time is now to make your web platforms headless and move toward a composable architecture

  • Exclusive insights from B2B businesses who have successfully implemented a headless architecture while they share their challenges and successes

  • Learn from the leading technologies providers in the headless space covering content management (CMS), eCommerce platforms, and digital experience platforms