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In Conversation With commerce­tools

Watch all the conversations between Brad Soo, Product Marketing Manager for commercetools and Niels Brinkø, CTO for Kruso.

New Trends in the Market

Strategic Planning


Watch the next conversation on June 25 2021. 

Exclusive white paper

Hungry for more insights and benefits about commercetools? Then have a look at the Modern Commerce Playbook by commercetools.

"The most important of all is your ability to pivot quickly to support both the needs of your customers and the strategic plan for the business. Moving to a Modern Commerce Architecture means that no one solution is the be all and end all when it comes to eCommerce. It’s about bringing together best-of-breed solutions that are designed and built to address specific aspects of commerce."

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Lakrids by BülowE-commerce platform

A commercetools solution

Read about how we have implemented commercetools in our commerce-solution for Lakrids by Bülow.

A solution that has given an enormous digital growth with conversion rates way above market average, handling more than 4.000 orders a day in peak periods.