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incoDigital transformation

Commerce is all about digital transformation

Commerce is a key strategic driver for most companies today. Success does not only come from great technological implementations alone. It depends on your ability to embrace the entire transformation of your business and organization that a commerce strategy mostly entails. As your commerce partner, we dont just help you with the technical implementation. We are used to driving all necessary aspects of a true digital transformation.

We are responsible for both national and global commerce solutions within B2C as well as B2B, ranging from luxury goods and FMCG to industrial products, software, and services. We are responsible for strategy, UX design, technology, operation, and optimization.

Lakrids by BülowE-commerce platform

Scaling through microservices and best-of-breed strategy

With customers such as Lakrids by Bülow, Rigtigmad, and 3shape, which have succeeded in multiplying their online turnover in a short time, we are very aware of the importance of developing systems that can scale efficiently. Common to these solutions is that they are based on a best-of-breed tech strategy and a microservice-based system architecture. This approach is ideal to use with fast time-to-market and low development costs in the long term.

Data management

A strong implementation of your commerce strategy is based on a good structuring of your product data. With a PIM system, you get all the information about your products in one place. This allows you to get large amounts of data into play with inspiring content views and services, as well as efficient handling product relationships and hierarchies, language versioning, etc.

Efficient handling and analysis of customer data and orders are just as important. Doing this right is a key tool for creating excellent buying and service experiences and intelligent merchandising strategies. As for product data, the same applies here - collect everything in one place to effectively create relevant and targeted dialogues across your sales channels.

Our commerce partners

Success is (still) in the customer understanding

Whether you sell online, in stores, or from your banana boat, it is the good old business mindset that wins in the end. It is about loving your customers and having them in focus, from working out your strategy to development and continuous improvement of your commerce platform.

We believe that every interaction with your customers contains barriers that you can eliminate and opportunities you can pursue - always with a better shopping experience in mind. Thus, there is not one single weapon to achieve high conversion rates. The tools are very different from inspiring content, excellent customer service, personalization, high performance, security, detailed product data, efficient check-out flows, flexible pricing targeted traffic and lead generation, etc; In other words, results are not achieved overnight.

The secret source lies in a long-term strategy and a constantly agile improvement of your customers' overall shopping and service experience - across your entire business, online as well as offline.