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Digital Sustainability.

Digital sustainability is a big topic - but don't worry - Mie and Rune take you into the world of sustainability and give their take what impact it will have on the digital world.

Sit back and watch it below.

Sustainable web developmentWebinar

Ready for more?

We hope the green flame still burns inside you and that you are ready to know even more about digital sustainability.

Go watch Anders and Anders talk about how to create a sustainable website, both when it comes to backend, frontend, server setup and hosting.

How to make your website sustainableDigital strategy

Digitization makes life easier but...

IT emits just as much CO2 as the airline industry, so we have to focus on digitization being as sustainable as possible. The good news is that it actually pays well.

Here you get Kruso's suggestions on how sustainability can be incorporated into your website:

  • Communicate with text

  • Use climate-friendly illustrations

  • Avoid Iframes and javascript

  • Use HTML standard

  • Write less backend code

  • Set up caching on the pages

  • Use DNS caching

  • Look at server scripts