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With commercetools cloud platform, customers can elevate their brands through optimized customer experiences across any channel and device to fulfill the market demands. As the customer-oriented sales channels have evolved from websites with commerce functionality to integrated cross-channel solutions, the requirement of speed in continuous adaptation to new customer demands and technologies is steadily rising. As this demand is of increasing importance, an agile method that enables an effective and flexible way of developing new services and offers to the market is necessary to ensure long term success. 

An API-based platform such as commercetools supports this agile method which increases profitability as every new iteration and improvement requires less development time than would be the case with a monolithic solution. The main reason for this is that monolithic platforms require a lot of development time as you need to work around the limitations that are inherited within the monolith, while commercetools microservice solution instead lets you create an optimized solution without the need of working around unnecessary limitations.

"True" headless commerce

Commercetools is a true headless commerce platform where all services/applications communicate through API’s. Being separated from both the CMS and the user interface makes it natural to create uniform user experiences throughout any channel. The architecture allows separate systems to be updated or replaced with ease, significantly lowering your cost and risk as your platform evolves.

The platform is built so that you can develop and deploy new features very quickly and continuously. Commercetools is gaining success in most of Europe and the US and is now heading for the Scandinavian market with Kruso as one of its first and most experienced partners in the market.

Faster time to market, better performance, or greater freedom of choice, what would you prefer? If you don’t want to choose just one, but rather prefer all of these options, Kruso and Commercetools can help you make the move to a future-proof and fully scalable API-based cloud platform that enables you to move faster than your competitors, whatever direction you chose to move into in the future.