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Centra is a headless ecommerce platform that helps fashion and lifestyle brands snag new markets and win global customers.

Why switch to Centra?

Design freedom and customization.

By switching to a headless platform, you gain design freedom to build a brand-authentic store. Using Centra's flexible architecture, you can integrate with best-of-breed technology and customize your store. No more cookie-cutter templates. Adjust to your customers' needs and offer a better shopping experience. 

Lower cost of ownership.  

Version and vendor lock-ins make upgrading monolithic platforms expensive. To remedy growing administrative and ownership costs, stores often switch from legacy or monolithic platforms to fully headless setups. Centra is a good alternative here — it's versionless, so new features are released automatically, without extra costs. And because the platform comes with robust out-of-the-box features, there’s no need for third-party apps and plugins. 

Performance boost.

Due to custom themes and multiple extensions, monolithic platforms are difficult to manage, and they slow your online store. Thanks to Centra's headless architecture, your pages load faster, and you can use the latest front-end technologies without limitations. 

Professional support with the migration.

With tons of data, digital assets and multiple integrations, platform migration seems challenging. Centra’s customer success and technical teams make it easier for you. We assist you at each step, helping transition your store to a new platform without interrupting your business. 

A headless commerce platform.

Direct‑to‑Consumer commerce for fashion & lifestyle brands 

Build a compelling shopping experience and serve customers globally with the leading headless ecommerce platform for original fashion and lifestyle brands. 

The composable commerce platform for fashion and lifestyle 

Launch new products and features fast. Build a headless ecommerce stack using best-of-breed integrations and offer your customers the shopping experience they want. 

DTC, Wholesale & Marketplace orders in one platform 

Centra is the only platform that seamlessly combines B2B Wholesale, B2C Direct‑to‑Consumer and Marketplace sales for fashion brands – all in one neat package. 

The built-in B2B portal for buyers, sales reps and agents supports the full wholesale business logic for preorders and at-once orders and reorders. 

Product Information Management for fashion products 

Use the right tool for the trade. Out of the box, Centra comes with a lightweight, advanced PIM geared to handle complex fashion and lifestyle products – no extra apps and integrations needed. 

Global omnichannel for fashion brands 

Sell to consumers and retailers across channels, countries, and marketplaces. Scale your brand globally on the only headless ecommerce platform built for fashion & lifestyle.