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VELUX Group.

Fully implemented Umbraco 8 software with a 100% cloud based solution in Azure with high flexibility.

For almost 80 years, the VELUX Group has created better indoor environments by bringing daylight and fresh air into homes and other buildings worldwide. The VELUX Group was founded in Denmark and is an international company with a presence in 40 countries. Since 2004, the VELUX Group has invited students of architecture to participate in the International VELUX Award every second year. The award seeks to challenge the students to explore daylight's role in architecture and inspire new thinking. The award aims to engage with architecture students about using sunlight and daylight as primary sources of energy and light and how to ensure the health and well-being of the people who live and work in buildings.

Need for flexibility and usability in web solution

Velux Group had a platform that was far too complex concerning the needs of the organization. Therefore, Velux Group was looking for a new and more experienced technical partner who could develop a more efficient, simple, and user-friendly solution. In collaboration with Revolt, Kruso became the latest supplier to develop Velux Group's new 'daylight and architecture' website.

Fully implemented web solution in one team

Not only did Kruso take over the operation of Velux Group's new Umbraco 8 software, but Kruso also collaborated with Revolt on a brand new UX design for the website. Kruso and Revolt have worked together on several projects and what they all have in common is that high professionalism and quality from both sides. The result is a user-friendly website that offers a simple frontend that is flexible in terms of design and construction. In February 2021, we went live with the web solution, and everything runs exactly as expected. We are now working on the process's subsequent phases, which involve significant expansions and improvements to the existing platform.

New software with Umbraco 8 open-source

In December 2020, Kruso, together with Revolt, took over the solution for Velux Group's competition site, 'Daylight and Architecture,' and initiated a new website design process. Kruso chose to start from scratch by developing a new website to build the most optimal and functional solution for Velux Group. The foundation of the software is built on Umbraco 8 open-source CMS, which in addition to unsurpassed usability for editors and administrators, offers a high degree of flexibility in adapting the solution to the organization's individual needs.

With the acquisition and development of new software for Velux Group, the website's hosting platform was simplified simultaneously, which now operates with a 100% cloud-based solution in Azure. This ensures efficient scaling and, not least, security benefits for Velux Group.

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