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Kruso has created a municipally sustainable community that creates a common software to achieve the best digital experience for citizens.

The Aarhus-based company Duka has since 2011 helped over 30.000 users through IT-support, computer assistance, and innovative IT-service schemes. Duka’s underlying idea is that a computer must be easy to buy, own, and not least - to use. Everything is about selling computers which are delivered completely ready to use - out of the box. 


Duka’s current digital commerce platform was launched in 2019 by another partner than Kruso. The solution is built on Umbraco/Ucommerce. However, quickly after launch, Duka experienced that the backend built was not aligned with editors and the E-commerce manager’s daily workflows. For example, a number of primary commerce functions were developed in the CMS instead of in Ucommerce, not fulfilling Ucommerce’s full potential. At the same time, Duka faced a larger expansion into new markets which resulted in a lot of new demands and needs for the solution. Based on that, Duka decided to find a new digital partner that could work more agile and had experiences with effective scaling and continuous data-driven optimization of digital platforms. This resulted in Duka switching to Kruso in the summer of 2020.


The process that Kruso has entered into with Duka can’t be boiled down to one track. A long backlog of change requests and optimizations has been built, which Kruso has completed and implemented. Our focus has been to achieve a more flexible and modular code base with as few amounts of refactoring as possible. Also, we are engaged in several activities around UX and optimization of the user journey, especially with a focus on subscriptions.


The new and simpler code base has resulted in a significantly shorter time to market and lower cost when developing and deploying changes to the platform. Additionally, the platform has been moved to a 100 % cloud-based solution in Azure. This ensures effective scaling and not least security-related benefits. The first UX concepts have already provided positive results based on positive user feedback. But this is only the beginning. So stay tuned for further updates on DUKA’s ambitious growth plans.

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