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DOT Website.

3 companies - one shared self-service platform.

DOT is a cooperation between 3 Danish public transportation providers. Movia (Bus), DSB (Rail) and Metroselskabet (Metro). DOT provides a single entry for customer service, price information, ticket guides and other relevant communication for users of public transportation in the eastern region of Denmark.


3 companies required a single entry-point for users of public transportation in the eastern regions of Denmark. The new platform integrated and gathered features and elements that were previously spread across three different websites.


Kruso designed and developed the new DOT website using Umbraco CMS. The new platform was developed using an agile project model and through cooperation with multiple stakeholders. The end result is a user-friendly, fully responsive website that provides a single front-end to multiple different systems, including the popular Danish travel planner The project included multiple sets of user tests to guarantee optimal site usability.


DOT’s new website is a success. The solution was developed within only 8 weeks, but the end result is a high quality, high usability self-service platform that has been well received by users. Customers find it easy to locate the information they need while travelling and planning their travels, regarding travel times, delays, ticketing information, pricing and customer service.

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