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DaneAge Associ­ation.

Digitalization and improved ease of use of Denmark's largest event booking system.

DaneAge Association is a member organization catering for the rights of elderly people. The organization builds on the active contribution of its members. DaneAge Association has more than 787.000 members across Denmark and more than 18.000 active volunteers. They are organized on 215 local departments run by volunteering local managers.


DaneAge Association is amongst the absolute biggest providers of events, lessons and various activities in Denmark and are handling approx. 64.000 events annually. As their target group became more and more web savvy it made perfectly sense to invest in a digitalization of the event management system. The most important requirements for the event booking system was ease of use both for the administrators as well as their members. The solution should offer an intuitive and inspiring booking flow enabling full sign up and payment of each of the 64.000 events.


Kruso has developed the new event booking system from the ground up. The solution requires many integration points to various systems such as DaneAge Association's own website, their Navision ERP and a payment provider. Additionally, the solution is equipped with a very comprehensive search solution offering super-fast and rich search results.

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