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Bid Manager.
Krusader, Aarhus.


  • Pepsimax addicted
  • Manchester United fan
  • Lives un-worried (if possible)

When you mention Peter, you are talking about a man with many interests in all sorts of guises. From sneaker-freak to handyman - football enthusiast to paddleboarder and more. Going back a bit in time, Peter, before taking an HD in Marketing Management, always wanted to be a fighter pilot but had to let go of the dream. Now he enjoys his time in Kruso on weekdays and spends his weekends eating baked goods and delicious food as well as enjoying life with family and friends.

Life and culture within the tech-companies are about to conqcur the world

In my job at Kruso, my position as Bid Manager is about winning as many projects as possible, which speaks well into my competition gene, which probably also had a slight influence on my choice of education at the time. If we remove attention from work, then I think the most important thing we can do in this life is to live as much as possible - it would be stupid to do otherwise. I try to do it myself while enjoying my takeaway and watching football.