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Office dog.
Krusader, Malmö.


  • Camouflage-specialist in the snow
  • Go-fetch expert
  • Fluffy

Hector is a very happy dog! He has a lot of energy and greets all he meets with a big smile, especially when you come into the office. If you’re lucky he might greet you with some talk and a ululate (howl). He always wants to be around people, especially his family. He can be a real drama queen from time to time when he does not get enough attention, have a boring time, or if he just feels like it.


I really like to help around the office. I can open boxes and my specialty is turning big boxes into small pieces so they can fit in the recycling bin. I also like helping the humans at the office to take a break once in a while. I can visit them at their desks and offer them to play with my toys, cuddle me or share my chewing bone if they are hungry. I also have my own Instagram account, @the_samoyed_hector, where you can follow me in my everyday life and at the office.