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Solutions Architect & System Developer.
Krusader, Malmö.


  • Quick thinker
  • Code translator
  • Travel lover
  • Result orientated

Erik got into coding back in the late 90s. Back then it was so much less professional - you coded right on the server, did no source control, and just fixed stuff directly on the site. It was fun but also frustrating because of the limitations and lack of skills. Today Erik works mainly as a Technical Business Consultant, but he still uses his hands on understanding, deep knowledge, and experiences within web development, to define client’s needs and create the most efficient solutions.  

It is complex to create something simple

As a kid, I dreamed of being an inventor. I loved Gyro Gearloose as a kid, however, I never invented anything besides simple LEGO robots. But I think, I adopted his creativity and optimism. I was always interested in programming and exploring how stuff worked. Back then you could not search for a how-to video on YouTube, so I found my own way through. Actually, I’m very surprised that so many things are still the same. I would never have thought that we would still write HTML today.