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Project Manager.
Krusader, Copenhagen.


  • Burger lover
  • Communicator
  • Problem Solver

Erdem is one of our passionate Project Managers with an educational background in Marketing. He is full of drive and always excited to be a part of projects that help create and improve the value of a solution. It's motivational for him seeing the whole process of a project evolving into the final product. Erdem defines success by his team being happy and ensuring they are working with projects that challenge them to continue their skill growth.

Good communications is key to a successful project.

In my spare time one of my favorite things to do is spend time with my family and friends, properly watching a good movie like Batman Dark Knight Rises, playing a game of padel or hitting the gym. My strength at Kruso is creating new efficient processes and establish a good communication channel between our developers and the client, so everyone is comfortable through the process.