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Office Dog.
Krusader, Copenhagen.


  • Treat lover
  • Lassie fan
  • Sniffer

Chet Baker is a fixture at the Copenhagen office. He always spots the possibility to get extra attention, when clients are visiting, and the chance of getting a treat increases. As the son of guard dogs, Chet had a dream of being a “ratter” (a rat-catching dog by profession) Unfortunately, he has been brought up for other purposes. However, he still sees the opportunity to hunt low-flying birds and considers pursuing a career as a senior race dog.   

If in doubt: Give the dog an extra treat

I always try to do what I can to get a treat. I clearly work better when I get them. Over time, I realized that eye contact significantly increases the chances of getting a treat. Besides that, I have daily tasks in eating different toys and being patted on by my colleagues. The rest of the time, I spend trying to beat my personal record in returning my favorite ball back to my owner, who often throws it away for no reason.