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Frontend Developer.
Krusader, Malmö.


  • Gym teacher
  • Positive
  • Lösgodis addict

Cajsa’s education as an Information Architect is, according to herself, the perfect combination of her interest in tech and her love for design and photography. In her job as a front-end developer at Kruso, her strength is designing awesome experiences for the user. She loves both the part of connecting the design with the code to create the user experience and the part of showing the final result to the customer, and seeing their reaction to how the team helped them solve their problem(s) and fulfill their wishes.

I work best when I work together with awesome people.

I started doing gymnastics when I was around five years old. When I got older I switched directions and started with cheerleading, where I also competed with my team. I ended my career in cheerleading when I was around 22 as a coach which was a lot of fun. As a grownup, I am still in for a good exercise - both CrossFit, HIIT and just going for a run, which is combined really well with my addiction to Swedish candy (lösgodis). I also really enjoy taking walks (preferable in the woods or by the sea) and playing around and training with my dog, Hector, who is also the office dog of the Malmö office.