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Financial Controller .
Krusader, Aarhus.

Møller Sommer

  • Bike rider
  • Adventurous
  • Number crusher

Brian is Kruso's financial controller and ensures that everything concerning our economy runs smoothly. However, Brian is not what you would define as a typical boring accountant. He is curious and seeks that adrenaline kick every day, whether it is on his mountain bike or doing a little Cross-country skiing! And if it was not because Brian has always been a genie with numbers, he would have followed his dream of becoming a F16 pilot!

You can always drink a gin & tonic

The most important thing for me is to do some exercise every day and get up my heart rate. I always try to challenge myself to become better, whether it is on my own or at work. Especially at work, I find it exciting to think of smarter and better systems to make sure that we are always ahead of things.