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Senior Frontend Developer


Come and join the Kruso family!

Are you a passionate frontend developer wanting to take your abilities to the next level? Perfect! Kruso is now looking for a new family member. We offer a friendly environment where everyone matters and contributes with their unique skills and strengths, and gets supported in their weaknesses. Our road to success is focused around having fun and exploring new cool things within the digital landscape – building edgy stuff is the heart of it all. Your most important task as a frontend developer will be to contribute with drive and dedication to your work, with your own personal touch!

What we expect of you:

  • A friendly and curious soul. Kruso is not just a working space, we like having fun and do all sorts of activities together. We're not only looking for a new coworker - we're looking for a new friend as well!

  • You’re a team player. You like the daily cooperation, knowledge-sharing and the give-and-take of team development. We grow together and create better things together.

  • You write great code. At the end of the day, coding is what we do, and we love the craft.

  • Working experience. Years of experience are not the ultimate measurement, but we expect you to be able to lead projects and be a part of the architecture work and technologies/code-development.

What will you be doing?

As a frontend developer, your job is to write great code and help your team deliver great solutions to our clients. For this position we're looking for someone with a sense of mastery within the Web platform. We are not committed to a technology framework or ways of working, at Kruso our mindset is about adopting to the challenges we face and aim for a solution that best serve the purpose. Trends and best practices changes, but problem solving, and quality focus/mindset prevails. However, this goes without saying that mastering HTML, CSS and JavaScript is needed. To give you an insight to where we’re leaning right now, our most recent project we’ve been using TypeScript, React/Preact and .Net. But with that said, we are continuous exploration for new tools and ways of working.

As you’ll be leading projects it requires a solutions-oriented and a self-sufficient persona, with a wide toolbox. Also, we assume you have a keen interest on new technologies, best practice and to spend time implementing this to further heighten the quality of our work.

Apart from being a developer in our team you will also be part of a client facing team tasked with understanding client requirements. You’ll be working closely with our clients delivering large-scale solutions and advanced integration.

If you have skills for and ambitions towards roles like Lead Developer or Client Lead, we will provide the opportunities to make it happen. There’s room for personal and professional growth. Kruso is also growing and we never miss out on the chance to offer the right candidate a great opportunity to influence our direction as a company.

Why Kruso Malmö?

Kruso er et digitalt udviklings- og rådgivningsbureau med mere end 20 års erfaring. Vi er specialiseret i udvikling af komplekse web-platforme og digitale konsulentservices. Vi er et godt sammentømret hold på 65 fordelt på vores kontorer i København, Aarhus og Malmø. Vi lever af – og på trods af – at forudsætningerne for at bygge menings- og succesfuld informationsteknologi er i konstant forandring. Vi er ’agile by heart’, også på UX-området, hvor brugerfortællingerne styrer processen og ikke omvendt. Vi tror på, at planer er gode som vejledende redskaber til at rammesætte et projekt – men også kun dét. I UX-projekter må vi hele tiden være klar til at reagere på forandring og korrigere processen efter de reelle slutbrugeres behov. Alt dette til trods for, at vi altid arbejder hen mod en klar deadline. Det lyder som paradoksale omstændigheder for at drive en god forretning, men det er også vores nøgle til succes.


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