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  1. By municipalities for municipalities

    OPW is a software that has been specially developed by Danish municipalities. This means that the solutions that are developed suit the exact needs for the municipalities. As a member of OPW, the municipality, therefore, has co-ownership of the software development.

  2. Subscription

    OPW operates according to the Software as a Service principle. This means that each municipality pays an amount that covers all costs. It provides financial budget security that is receptive to unexpected costs.

  3. Community

    The community makes it possible for each municipality to develop its site with reduced costs in sparring with other municipalities. In this way, the community can develop solutions that are specifically suited to municipal needs. Furthermore, as part of the community, you are twice a year are invited to ERFA meetings, where members share their experiences.

  4. Individual solutions

    Although most municipalities operate with standard solutions that are common to municipal websites, each municipality is still unique. OPW makes it possible to create and define unique and special solutions with a visual identity. The software is a construction site where you choose your own building blocks.

What is OPW?

In recent years, the preconditions for successful website development have changed a lot from the municipalities' perspective. On the one hand, the municipalities are being imposed more budget cuts, and on the other hand, there is a constantly increasing demand for digitization of services. In other words, the solutions must be cheaper, bigger, and better.

In 2014, the development of the concept OPW started. Basically, the concept consists of a software and a development community. A software that creates the foundation for a number of standard integrations that all municipalities need. A development community based on knowledge sharing and sparring between the parties that form the community and in collaboration create well-developed solutions. The community allows the costs of the solutions to be shared between the members and gives greater freedom to other projects, where each municipality can create its own unique identity.


The OPW-software is built in the Danish-developed and nationally known open source CMS Umbraco. Furthermore, more than 60 specially developed extra tools are integrated into the framework, which solves a large number of municipality-specific demands within e.g. accessibility, user experience, GDPR, administration, content creation, integrations, security, etc. All these tools have been developed in collaboration with the members of OPW. Next, a common UX layer will be attached to ensure the user experience for the citizens on the site. Finally, OPW allows for individual UI, which allows municipalities to present their own visual identity and design to their site.

The development community

The OPW development community runs on the basic idea that no municipality has the benefits of being alone in the development of citizen-oriented digital services. The development community provides the opportunity to share operating and development costs, as the bill is shared between the members. The community helps to define and invest in standard solutions that are common to municipal websites, but also to devise unique and innovative options for the public service on the web.

The OPW software is not only developed for, but also by the municipalities. As part of the OPW community, you have equal co-ownership and the accompanying voting rights for strategic goals, initiative tracks, and the joint operating and development pool of OPW. Finally, members share their experiences of their daily use of OPW, which helps generate new solutions.