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Public digitalization

We want to streamline the public sector's operations through advanced digital solutions. With years of experience in digital transformation, we understand the unique challenges and complexities that public institutions face. Therefore, it is even more important for us to be at the forefront of public digitalization, driving change for a smarter and more connected society.

A center for the public sector of tomorrow

Denmark has one of the world’s best and most well-functioning public sectors. Few places in the world have a better balance between what public institutions and public companies supplies and what the citizens and society demand. It is largely the product of the openness and transparency characteristic for the Danish society’s values and norms.

Kruso develops and operates a wide range of critical public digital platforms. We are the main digital supplier for 35 of Denmark's 98 municipalities, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Danish Parlia­ment, North Denmark Region, PET and many others. We put an honor in playing an active role in the public digitalization.

Danish Consumer OmbudsmanThorough re-design

An essential part of supporting an open and transparent society is communication and interaction between authorities and citizens, where digital solutions, web platforms, and self-service solutions are an integrated part of the daily life we all know and expect today.

Kruso is Denmark’s largest supplier to the public and municipal market. Why? Because we understand in what kind of context the solutions will be used and what creates value for our public customers. We understand that a digital platform is key to solving a public core task. We understand that public companies are driven by a true and relentless desire to help others which is the underlying factor for everything taking place between citizens or companies and the public authorities.

It is important that public authorities’ digital platforms are created to include everybody. All citizens are equal, and everyone is entitled to get in contact with the authorities. That is why we work intensely with accessibility and design of service journeys that consider not all users being the same and that there should be room for everybody.

Maastricht UniversityDigitizing mental health

The solutions we create with our public customers are always about putting the citizen or company interacting with the public sector first.

It is about understanding the overall “user success story” and service experience, which are fundamental in the solution.

We believe in Service Design as a method for creating coherent user journeys and experiences that meet user needs and brings them fast to the purpose of their online visit in the most pleasant and inspiring way.

Collaboration creates efficiency

The Public Sector is affected by a constant, overriding demand for optimization and improved efficiency. To a high degree, this optimization derives from initiatives of the common public digitalization strategies etc. and is about using the resources in the right way creating self-serviced and self-helped citizens and removing the barriers between authority and citizen.

Kruso creates digital platforms supporting these processes, reducing operational expenses, creating active citizenship, and supports cooperation between authorities and businesses.

Front-runner together with the Danish municipalities

Today, more than 15 Danish municipalities make use of Publify. Together, these municipalities serve up to 1,000,000 citizens through the platform and play an active role in the digitalization of our society.

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If you have any questions about how we work with the public sector, feel free to reach out to me.

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