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Business Developer Stockholm


Complexity for breakfast?

Kruso is expanding and we are now looking to open a brand new office in Stockholm. Are you a business-oriented person with a passion for digital development? Look no further if the following possibilities sound interesting:

  • Start and operate the new local office in Stockholm

  • Manage the full sales process

  • Be responsible for result and finance

  • Recruit and build your own team

  • Create a long-term sustainable office culture

Kruso is a strategic digital development agency that offers a dynamic and open environment. Our focus is on building digital platforms with high sustainability, scalability and purpose in order to create the highest possible value for our clients.

To achieve this, we strongly believe in working with small agile teams and utilising microservice architectures that are matched and optimized towards the clients business goals, without losing sight of maintainability and extendibility. The working environment is kept inspirational and productive through full transparency with all stakeholders, regardless if they work at Kruso or at our client.

Internally, we have a strong professional culture where we focus on continuously getting better, both as a company and as individuals. Although we've been around for about 20 years, we pride ourselves in working with the latest and greatest technologies. We find that the market is full of competitors that favour the old and familiar instead of the new, efficient and inspiring. We value our positioning in the market and happily decline collaborations that requires us to compromise on behalf of our values or preferences.

You will have support from our offices in Malmö, Copenhagen and Aarhus (in total of 80 employees).

If you are the one we are looking for, please get in touch with Lotten at

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