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A platform developed for municipalities.

Publify is an advanced web solution specialized for municipalities. We organize Publify around a tech-community made up by all municipalities using the platform enabling shared features and economy while leaving room for individual identity and own functionality.


As part of making Publify an independent software service, we have created its own website. Here you can read even more about the web solution specialized for municipalities.



In recent years, the Danish municipalities have experienced a greater demand for digitization of services that they can offer to the citizens. At the same time, the municipalities are met with budget cuts and fewer funds to create the solutions. In other words, the solutions must be cheaper, bigger, and better.


Kruso has created Publify, which brings together the Danish municipalities in a development community on a common software, based on the user-friendly CMS; Umbraco. This involves a standard solution where the most important components for a municipal website are included. At the same time, each municipality has the opportunity to have individual features and design that supports the municipality's identity. Besides, all municipalities on Publify are part of a development community, together deciding on and cofunding new shared features and functionalities for the platform. In that way Publify is build on joined forces both in terms of economy, knowledge and experience, together we create a better digital experience for the Danish citizens.


Publify consists of 18 municipalities, which together number over 1,000,000 citizens. The municipalities have developed more than 60 different features, plug-ins and integrations, which are specially designed to ensure a high public digital service and experience for both citizens and editors.