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Business developer.
Krusader, Gothenburg.


  • Former DJ
  • Champagne lover

Stefan is a creative person. He loves creating music and coming up with new food recipes. If he had to choose 3 dishes for his last meal, it would be Tournedos Rossini, Egg benedict and truffle risotto. In addition, a glass of champagne and an interesting conversation with a good friend never disappoints.

Enjoy life and do your best

I have experience in various industries; I'm an educated building engineer. And for many years, before my work at Kruso, I worked as a DJ, which led to positions in the communication and marketing industry -in which I've worked with many big companies for over 15 years. It also gave me a broad network, and the communication work gave me insight into brand positioning and development. My work at Kruso is exciting because of the interesting opportunities that arise with different projects and collaborations. It is a creative and social environment in which I work best.