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Marketing Manager.
Krusader, Copenhagen.


  • Crossfit enthusiast
  • Power woman
  • Outgoing
  • Bad DJ

Signe is the office's very own power woman, and it sometimes seems as if there is not really anything that can stop her. She has a lively energy and is often to be found in the kitchen, where she fills the glass with various drinks while hearing about her colleagues' week. Nonetheless, Signe is an incredibly bad loser who certainly did not get the memo "you win some, you lose some", but we are assured that this is also the reason why she is so committed to both work and colleagues.

Chips and dip can make even the worst day better

I am proud of my position in Kruso and feel that I am allowed to be part of a workplace where I can be true to myself, my workflows and my dreams for the future. My workplace is not just a place to sit for eight hours a day. I love to socialize with my colleagues, and the most essential to me is to ensure that the people around me are happy.