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UX Intern.
Krusader, Copenhagen.


  • UX expert
  • Hummus addicted
  • Cleaning head
  • 'Hygge' girl

Mathilde is extremely thorough in everything she does, and her approach to every project is to ensure that nothing gets overlooked. Her educational background has given her the best of both worlds and provided her with both technical and communicative skills that she makes use of as a UX designer here at Kruso. Mathilde is a big fan of ‘hygge’ and comfiness, and at every appropriate occasion, puts on her ultra-soft Bourdeaux dressing gown. If she could, she would probably wear it to work.

Comfy is key

I know that everybody likes food, but I really love food! Not just eating it but cooking and shopping for it too. I can use several hours in specialty stores where you can buy all kinds of different delicious foods. However, my all-time favorite food is hummus! I can use it on anything, and it just makes all dishes a little something extra when you add hummus on top.