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Backend Developer.
Krusader, Copenhagen.

Gleitze Hoffmann

  • Omelette du fromage-eater
  • Familyman
  • Bonvivant

Family is an essential thing to Mathias, and he can’t imagine a day going by without speaking to them. When out of the house, he likes to do action-packed activities like kayaking and climbing but also focused and creative things like making stuff out of bone and amber. He even helped his girlfriend make a weaving loom. He doesn’t spend an awful lot of time at home, but when he finally gets some alone time, he enjoys working on his garden or slow cooking something while taking a nap.

The future is now

I very much enjoy working as part of a larger team and could never dream of working alone. I have tried several kinds of work before starting at the IT University in Copenhagen and finding out that the problem-solving and creativity of programming was just the thing for me. I love discussing different aspects of a task with my colleagues and working in the early stages of a project, where everything can change in a heartbeat.