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Frontend Developer .
Krusader, Copenhagen.

Tormand Larsen

  • Reflective
  • Patient
  • Challenging
  • Investigating

Martin joined Kruso in 2013. Today, as Senior Frontend Developer, he most often works on large and complex projects where creating a great ux experience can be very challenging. Martin is a true Javascript wizard bridging backend and UX work. For him, the methodologies and languages in play must have a wide range of different effects that can make a website more vivid rather than using a classic CSS page.

I believe that we reach the farthest by always being challenging and innovative

I think it is exciting to work with all kinds of customers, who all have different needs and requirements for their digital solutions. It is motivating for me to share my knowledge with our clients, our partners, and my colleagues and I love to see my work brought to life. The digital world is constantly changing, and possibilities become bigger every day. I appreciate that my job allows me to dive into the latest trends in my profession, challenging the industry and myself.