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Project Manager.
Krusader, Aarhus.

Toft Odgaard

  • Dessert lover
  • Litterature creator
  • Talkative

Marie works as a digital consultant and especially as Kruso's master in teaching, who guides, mentor, and presents our solutions to our many clients' editors. In this way, she is an essential link between Kruso and the clients. The client contact is incredibly necessary for Marie, and she actively uses all the information she receives to improve and develop the products we offer. 

What I really love about my work is the chance to talk with people

At home, I spend a lot of time painting and drawing. When you draw, you constantly switch between working with small details and the whole picture as one unit. I use the same principle in my work; The small details help to create the overall system, and every detail works better when you have an overview of how it all works together.