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Bid Manager.
Krusader, Copenhagen.


  • Grammar nerd
  • Structured
  • Magic Maiken
  • Language expert
  • Jutlandic Champion in football

Maiken, or Magic Maiken as we call her because she magically manages to fix the most impossible problems. Maiken writes and prepares Kruso's bids for public digital projects. She manages a huge responsibility, and at the same time, takes an active part in creating the culture and atmosphere in our Copenhagen office. Maiken is eerily good at language, and both write and speak English, German and Italian. Although she is not a tech person, she has a big drive and finds head and tail in complicated tasks. 

Don’t be afraid of spiders

I have always loved sports. As a kid, I used to spend all my time playing football, and my room was full of trophies and medals. The plan was also to become a professional football player when I grew up, but that changed a bit over the years. However, I still love it when we together as a team gets a win.