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Backend Developer .
Krusader, Copenhagen.


  • Beer lover
  • Danish learner
  • Team leader
  • Fisherman

Ihor has loved computers from the first time he saw one in school. He is a hard worker and often goes for a walk after work to think about possible solution for his projects. However, according to himself, he does not know what stress is. Maybe, because of his relaxed mindset and his daily beer in the evening. Ihor is always wearing a big smile but no shoes – that is how he works the best.

I always look for the non-existent to prove it is missing

I think that a cup of coffee in the morning and a beer in the evening is how to get through a day in the best way. But in between the two drinks, I love to go fishing. Actually, I think that I could spend many days just with a fishing rod, and salt to make some dry salt fish.