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Project Manager / Scrum Master.
Krusader, Malmö.


  • Basketball player
  • Action-oriented
  • Chocolate enthusiast

Emma has an atypical background compared to her colleagues. She has a university degree in political science and was told that 90 percent of all students would end up in the public sector. However, Emma is today a part of our Swedish A-team at Kruso. Her strong academic and political educational background provides a solid and wise angle on handling issues and setting up efficient work processes. Emma is truly unique.

I always wanted to be a professional basketball player.

I use most of my time off playing basketball. As point guard, I have the overall view over the court, and it is my job to assist my teammates as good as possible. In many ways, this is my job at Kruso too, and I think this allows me to use my strengths from the court in my work as well. When I do something, whether it is shooting the hoops or hitting crucial project deadlines - I always give 110 percent! However, I admit that I sometimes still need to perform a few extra Google searches and read up a little more when it comes to all details within software development. I want to keep up with our developers and make sure I am on top of the work we are delivering.