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Backend Developer.
Krusader, Aarhus.


  • Electronic Music Producer
  • Problem Solver
  • Cola-addict

When Dennis is not creating digital solutions for our clients here at Kruso, he creates and produces his own electronic music. So far, he has more than 5 million plays across all of his tracks. Dennis is a born problem solver, and he finds great satisfaction in his work, when his solutions work for the end user – That’s music to our ears.

We’re all made for something – We just gotta figure out what

I’ve tried a little bit of everything, so I have an ability to shape my thought process toward the current assignment, in order to achieve a successful end result. I believe that success can be many different things. Sometimes it can be the small things as fixing a bug that has been bugging you for 2 weeks. Other times it can be a happy end user or customer.