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Product Owner.
Krusader, Malmö.

Benneth Wåhlin

  • Green fingers
  • Health freak
  • A Ringer

Christine is product owner and has the final say in all decisions regarding the project. Together with the rest of the Swedish Kruso team, she ensures we support our clients in the best possible way, not only working for them but working with them. When Christine is not working, she likes to escape into the magical world of ‘The Lord of the Rings” where she enjoys three hours of watching her favorite danish actor, Viggo Mortensen.

I work best surrounded by happy people

I am part of a project with the clear goal to make people invest more in sustainable and renewable energy – that makes my work mission very meaningful! We all need to take part in the improvement of the world we are living in. As for myself, I try to keep my body healthy by brewing my own kombucha and kneading cabbage for kraut instead of taking vitamins. What can be better for you than making your own natural vitamin pill!